Patient Information

Electronic Health Records

Eastern Shore Family Practice has implemented an Electronic Health Record called Epic, which is the program used by Infirmary Health Systems.  Better information availability improves patient care by allowing tests performed in Infirmary Health System facilities such as Thomas Medical Center, Thomas Hospital, Mobile Infirmary, North Baldwin Infirmary, to be more readily available to our physicians.  Shared record availability improves communication and continuity among your physicians, reducing the chances of errors or duplication of medical care.  Electronic prescribing of many medicines simplifies the prescription and refill process.

Your chart – your access

Part of Epic is a direct patient access portal called myChart.  This allows you to view results from your electronic health record directly in a secure format that protects your patient information and privacy. Due to system requirements, myChart access can only be established with a security agreement during a visit to our office.  Once registered, patients enjoy access to test results released after review by the physician.


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